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          我们的校园保持关闭,但我们实际上开放。了解我们 2020秋季体验的保证.



          Writing on a pad of paper



          教师,工作人员,以及学生 创意写作和出版的荣誉学士学位 (CW&P) at Sheridan College are excited to announce the launch of their new Writer-in-住宅 program, and to invite expressions of interest for 2019-2020.  

          在2019 - 2020作家在住所将担任六个月(十一月至四月)的术语。除了对自己的写作项目的工作,笔者在住所将提供 creative leadership, mentoring, and public outreach in the area of creative writing and/or publishing (including class visits and public events), to members of the CW&P and broader Sheridan communities. This is a non-teaching, community- and culture-building position designed to complement existing CW&P programming and curriculum.

          Sean McNabney, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, notes: “We are tremendously excited to launch our Writer-in-Residence program. From the initial stages of our conception for the CW&P degree, we determined that a role such as this would complement the program’s inherent commitment to creative engagement with not only relevant industry, but with the community-at-large in innovative and exciting ways. We look forward to seeing our future Writers-in-住宅 bring this vision to life for the benefit of our community and the enhancement of the learning experience of CW&P students.”

          The only four-year bachelor’s degree in Canada to combine creative writing and publishing in its core curriculum, CW&P is particularly interested in applicants with a strong record of publication in any creative genre as well as experience in the publishing industry.

          对于进一步的细节,鼓励申请者发送一封电子邮件表达自己的利益,用了最新一起 简历,通过以下地址 2019年10月25日: expressionsofinterest.writerinresidence@sheridancollege.ca

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