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          If you want to stay in school, or return to school, but you are not yet ready to make a long-term commitment to a career path, Foundation and General Arts & Science programs are one year certificates that allow you to take a start, experience college learning, and use that as a stepping stone toward further studies.

          General Arts & Science (GAS) programs


          • 学校简介 - designed to build students’ academic and critical thinking skills. You'll get a taste of academic learning by taking a range of courses in the humanities and social & behavioural sciences, and develop analytical skills that will help you succeed in your future studies in a university. Some universities offer transfer credit for GAS-学校简介 grads. This GAS profile is available as a one-year certificate or two-year diploma.



          • 艺术基本面 - 对动画,设计,插图和视觉艺术等诸多程序的第一步。人体素描,绘画,雕塑,二维图纸和技术图纸:你会在艺术,如基本面得到经典的指令。 
          • 媒体基本面 - Offers foundation curriculum in film, broadcasting, journalism and digital media. You’ll acquire basic skills and concepts in: web & computer technology, sound, camera, television & film production, media history, communications theory, and visual design
          • 演艺准备 - 学生获得在学科范围广泛的第一手经验,开发核心技术,可以帮助他们推进到一个更专业的演艺节目。你将有机会:提高你的表演,试听和技术生产技能;学会与其他有创造力的个人协同工作;展示自己的才艺,并发现自己的优点;明确教育和职业目标
          • 技术基础 - 理想的,如果你有兴趣在科学和技术,但不确定具体在哪些领域是将来的学业和职业目标的拟合。通过这个程序,你将开发一个装备你进入其他大学的资讯技术,科学和工程技术和熟练工种文凭或学徒计划的技能。

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