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          Other Services & Accommodations


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          Instructors and/or students may identify note takers with the assistance of the 访问学习 staff. 

          Extended Program (Reduced Program Courseload)

          学生们 may reduce the number of courses they take at one time. This may be arranged in consultation with the Program Coordinator, Academic Advisor and 访问学习.

          Interpreters and Computerized Notetaker for the Hearing Impaired

          Eligible students are entitled to their choice of either Sign Language Interpreting Service or Computerized Notetaking Service. 


          同行的导师 for organizational issues, time management etc. can be arranged through 访问学习.  


          A limited number of lockers are reserved for 访问学习.  Please contact your AL Advisor if you require access to one of these lockers. Please note there is a fee for lockers.

          Taped Texts/Alternate Format Texts



          Equipment for enlarging print is available at 访问学习.

          Bursary for 学生们 with Disabilities


          For long-term or permanent disabilities students must obtain an 无障碍停车位 Permit issued by the Ministry of Transportation.

          Tuition Subsidy for 学生们 with Permanent Disabilities

        • Documentation must be provided to your AL Advisor in order to verify a permanent disability as well as to support the accommodation of a reduced course load (see “Registering With Us”)
        • If eligible for this policy, you are required to pay the standard tuition fee for the standard duration of your program until the full program tuition fee has been paid.
        • This policy covers one program at a time.  If you change your program during your study period at Sheridan College, your eligibility will be re-evaluated from the start of your new program
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        • If you receive OSAP, it is your responsibility to notify the Financial Aid Office regarding reduced course load as well as of your eligibility for this policy.
        • For further information please schedule an appointment with your 访问学习 Advisor to discuss your eligibility for the tuition fee policy.

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